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Brand Identity

We develop brand identity systems for businesses of all sizes, from startups to longstanding, established brands. Our capabilities span the entire process from early development to final execution of printed collateral and digital development. In addition to brand assets, we have comprehensive experience in developing brand application guidelines and documentation.

Print & Publication

With extensive experience designing periodicals, books and collateral, print-based publication has always been an integral part of our work. Informed by an in-depth knowledge of printing and production processes, we are able to deliver print-based work of the highest possible calibre. Our passion for editorial design is also heavily reflected in our ongoing work and collaboration with Made Publishers.

Environmental & Wayfinding

With unique experience and in-depth knowledge of wayfinding and signage projects, we offer a comprehensive environmental design skillset. As we are often working in collaboration with architects and suppliers, our process is versatile and scalable to both small and large projects as required. Our environmental capabilities are also often incorporated into many of our brand identity and signage projects.

Digital & Development

In addition to our design capabilities, we also offer integrated digital design and development. Our digital work is informed by our traditional design skillset but also enhanced by our in-depth understand of digital platforms. Our experience is diverse and covers responsive web development, user interface design, applications, email direct marketing, e-commerce and digital publications.


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